LAST UPDATED 7-10-2014







The Stillwater Rod and Gun Club, located in Easton, N.Y. is composed of sportsmen with diverse interests that include 

hunting, boating, fishing, target shooting, archery, education of our younger family members and

neighbors, teaching safety, and simply enjoying their families and the great outdoors.

The Board of Directors wants all members to know-

1- All members must have their membership cards with them when on club property.

2- Anyone wanting to camp / stay overnight at the club must first be approved by the Board of Directors.

     Dean Foster is now the person to book parties or camping on club property.  He is in charge of Buildings and

     Grounds and can be reached at 695-0463 or 925-5405.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $25.00 / night charge for every night over 2 nights when camping.  Also, to hold a

private party on the picnic grounds, there will be a $50.00 charge and pre-approval from Dean Foster is also needed.

3- Our roof repair on the range building has been delayed.  First by rain, and then by the heat.  If anyone can donate

     their time and talent this fall, please call Bill Lessard at 753-0117.  The work needs to be done before winter.

4- All of the activity that you see at the picnic area is from the G.E. dredging crews.  In return for some much needed

     road repairs, they are parking in the big field. Members enjoying the area should not be inconvenienced.

5- Finally, keeping safety foremost in our minds :  All members are reminded to watch where they are shooting, and

     do not fire while anyone is on the range changing targets. 


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